Personal Opinions

Now that you’ve thoroughly researched and discussed the pros and cons of drilling for natural gas from your stakeholder perspectives, has your personal opinion about natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania changed? Take a few moments to reflect on what you’ve learned during the E-forum and post your thoughts on this page. In the first section of your response, please identify yourself with your first name, followed by your stakeholder group name, so others can respond directly to your comments.

28 thoughts on “Personal Opinions

  1. I think the gas wells are good because they open up jobs and create more opportunities for people to meet new people which just open up a whole lot of jobs and choices and trips as well
    From chs boater and fisher, chase

  2. I am against gaswell drilling. I think in the future it will be a disaster. Many people love it because of the boo koo bucks that are in it. I think that our water ways will be ruined in the years to come. Don’t think about just the money but everything that gaswells will affect.
    Sincerely, chs boaters and fisher, Daniel

  3. I have mixed emotions about gas wells. I dislike gas wells because of the disturbance of natural beauty of PA. Also they have destroyed our woods by clearing trees for wells and pipelines. But I think the gas industry is good by giving local business activity. Also they are very generous with donations. Plus they have been improving the economy in our area.
    CHS Boater and Fisher

  4. My name is Lukas and im with the CHS business dept. I am for the gas well industry. It has brought many jobs to local people. Our community has been helped out alot by the gas industry, thats why I’m for it!

  5. Hey Everybody,
    My name is Vanessa, I am in the Canton Gas Drillers group. To be honest, my view point of natural gas drilling has not changed at all since we have started this project. Even though our group has been against drilling in the scenario, I am neutral on the whole subject. I understand that we need energy sources, but I also realize that it is hurting our environment. Honestly, I think it is not going to matter either way because the human race is going to harm the earth in one way or another, if it isn’t natural gas drilling then it is going to be something else, and people are still going to whine about it. I can understand both sides of the argument, but I am still going to remain neutral because the benefits and the harmful effects are eventually going to balance out. Finally, when it comes down to it, people are going to do what the have to do to survive.
    Thank you,

  6. Hello, I am Alex and I’m part of the group ‘The ‘GO’ Girls’. I believe that fracking through careful management and regulation could make fracking safe for the environment and people surrounding in effect of fracking but that would be IF we were capable to frack with no mistake. Fracking around here has had many mistakes and pollution problems, plus on top of that the problems the trucks cause. There is good money to make for the people with gas wells, business owners, and hotels. But what about the recreation that ends up changing throughout it all? I have seen many forests destroyed and it changes the way people have to use the land. Mountains that kids would explore and sled down are now shut down, Lakes and creeks are now polluted for no one to swim in, roads are blocked off to the public due to hazards. Even with the technology in today’s world there isn’t enough to make fracking safe and pollution free even if the gas companies swear they are. So until we advance in technology some more I don’t think the gas companies should be lying or making promises they cannot keep.

  7. Warrior Landowners- Garrett

    My overall opinion for gas well drilling is all negative. I think it ruins the beauty of our area. Also, when you think of family farms, I can guarantee farmers that have been around for years feel that all these gas well pads make them sick. They cherish and remember what our area used to be. So, in conclusion I totally disagree with all types of gas well drilling. I could care less if they disppeared and never returned!!!

  8. I am Tifani, from the GO Girls. I am neither for nor against gas well drilling. My reasoning for this is because I believe that gas wells have a positive impact on the economy. They create jobs for local people and they pay well. When the gas companies enter a town, they raise the economy of that town as well because of the purchasing of food, gas, and hospitality. However, I disagree with some aspects of the drilling. I do not like the fact that gas wells tear up the roads and cause a lot of pollution. Gas wells tend to have a more negative impact on the environment because of the land they strip away to make roads and put in the pads. On the contrary, they restore the affected areas when they are finished.

  9. I believe that my opinion has changed quite a bit. Looking at it from a different viewpoint has changed the idea of things for me. Gas drilling is good as long as it done right. If it isn’t, it is terrible for the environment. Also, if we hurt our environment, its hurts us so we can’t live healthy. Gas drilling is a very good new natural resource to burn. It’s better than oil and regular gas.

    Chris, Canton Gas Drillers

  10. I believe that gas wells are a great source for employment but when it comes to environmental concerns I think they still have a few bugs to get worked out. I believe that after they get all the issues resolved that natural gas will be the right way to go.

    -Warrior Landowners, Ryan

  11. Hello I am Seth from Canton environmental employees. My view point on gas well drilling is strongly against it. Living in an area that has gas well drilling I have gotten to see firsthand everything gas wells do. I personally have 5 gas wells under 1 mile from my house, along with 3 different pipelines. Sure lots of jobs are made, and much needed money is coming to this area. But you have to ask yourself is the money worth what drilling is doing to the environment?

  12. I am Victoria from the ‘GO’ Girls. Personally, I am mainly against gas well drilling. This is because I feel that it does not have pros that outweigh the cons. I believe that if there were enough strict regulations on fracking, then there would be less of an issue with it; however, many of the regulations are not strict enough and do not protect the environment to great enough extents. Also, I believe that the boost in economy will not be very high. This is because the cost of living for original residents will rise because of the prices at stores and restaurants for the gas well drillers. Many people may say that the gas well industry brings a lot of jobs to an area, but when one looks around, a rather large number of gas well workers are from other states. So, does this really bring job to a community, or just jobs to people in other states? One must take environmental issues into consideration when thinking about the gas well industry. Fracking takes a lot of chemicals and water to do. Although the water and chemicals are protected by many layers of cement and such when the piping is put into the ground, there is no 100% guarantee that the piping could not crack; therefore, releasing that chemical contaminated water into the ground. If this were to happen, the ground water would become contaminated, and then the well water would become contaminated making it unhealthy for house holds, farms, and businesses to utilize. The runoff from the rigs and road damage from the trucking can also be harmful to the environment. I do believe that some benefit can come from the fracking because natural gas is cheaper and such, but I still feel that the gas and the work, damage, and money that is put into it is not worth the trouble.

  13. I am Dylan and I belong to the CHS Business Department and My viewpoint on Natural gas Drilling is that i have lots of ups and downs about it, If you couldn’t tell with the way we were talking in the comments. The parts that makes me like the gas well drilling is that yes it does bring in lots of money and business for our locals and out of towners and they also bring in some jobs for our locals but i think that they could do a better job at hiring more locals. I personaly think as an avid hunter in many areas that it is taking alot of our hunting property and woods away and giving us less places to hunt. it not only detroys the land but the roads to get to the land and the gas wells are not doing a very good job at fixing the roads when they are the ones who are destroying them. The gas wells also have restriction on how close you can get to the wells and that is not good for us hunters. I am also a big fisherman and the fracking is destroying our water and contaminaiting our local water supplies and not allowing us to eat the fish. Another big thing that is a downer against the gas wells is that they are taking our local homes away. i know this from an expierence as of about 4 years ago my mom and my step dad and i were evicted out of our home that we were renting for 7 years because our land lord got an offer to rent the house we were living in for a much higher price so we had 30 days to get out. we then moved fromm a wandeful house to the bottom of my aunts basement because rent was so high that it was hard to afford. the cheapest we could find was 1400 dollars a month plus utilities. after we lived in the basement we finally found a house that we rented but not long after that once again the gas wells came back in effect and rented the house for more than we could pay so we were evicted again and this time we had no place to go except a motel and we lived in the motel for a year and a half before finally a family friend had a house and helped us out and now finally after 4 years we have a home that the gas wells cant take away. Now where we live it is right along the main high way and these fracking idiots(water truck drivers) come through either empty or not with there jake break on and don’t respect the ones who are sleeping and have to get up and work.

  14. Hello, I am Kaylin and I am part of the CHS Conservationist group. We live in the heart of the gas well drilling, so we see a lot of things first hand. My view point on gas well drilling goes both ways. I believe that it is a good thing to use natural resources but I think that there should be a more economic and environmental friendly way. I also think that local people benefit from the jobs that it gives but when the gas company leaves how many of those people are going to want to leave with them? I disagree in it because I think that it destroys some of Pennsylvania’s beauty. Roads become destroyed from heavy truck traffic. Is ruining the beauty of Pennsylvania really worth what we are going through?

  15. Hello, my name is Kellsy from Canton Gas Drillers. I think the gas drilling around this area has helped a lot of people. It has brought money, many jobs, and a lot of constructed developments. The gas drilling has brought a lot of money because of the leases people have signed and the mineral rights. The drilling has also brought a lot of jobs to the area. Some jobs are, on the drilling sites, restaurants, and hospitals. It has also brought in many developments because the drillers need places to stay and they also need places to eat, so they have built many restaurants. These are some of the reasons that gas drilling has helped out around this area.

  16. I am Amber and I am part of the Canton Environmental employees group. We live in an area that is all about the gas well drilling and it is seen just about everywhere here. My view point on this is that it isn’t good and I am against it. Since there is so much gas well drilling around here I get to see firsthand everything that the gas wells do. There may be some pros of drilling like making money but in the long run it is not good for our environment.

  17. Hello,
    My name is Logan and I am part of the Warrior Landowners group. My viewpoint on gas well drilling is definitely for gas well drilling. The natural gas industry brings a lot of business to our local restaurants and shops. Families have moved into our area because of the drilling. We have not seen families move out of the area do to the wells destroying our land. Yes, it can become frustrating with all the traffic that comes along with all the gas well drilling. I believe that a lot of what research can bring someone, is negative. The media never shows the positive effects of gas well drilling, only the negative. Yes, in some cases, a well may become contaminated, but I do know that some natural gas companies will bring that house fresh water for them to use until their well is fixed.

    People complain that they can light their water on fire. I find this statement to be very absurd. People have been able to light their water on fire for years because of the methane that is naturally in the ground. Also, when anti-drilling groups state how the fracking fluid leaks into the ground, it angers me. My father works on a gas well pad and personally works with the materials that come up out of the hole, and he has said that the casing around the drill is so thick and sturdy; nothing could leak out of it.

    I have personally been on numerous gas well sites and have never experienced bad air quality. I find this humorous because many groups say that the air quality becomes very bad after the gas well is put up. I also find it humorous on the ignorance of people who think they know everything about this topic, but do not personally live around it. If many of these so-called “experts” lived in the same area I do, their opinion would change. Many groups that come into the area and take tours around the sites are only taken to well sites that have had some kind of problem. Not every well site has issues, but according to the media, and anti-drilling groups, every well site contaminates water, ruins air quality, and other perform other harmful effects to the environment.

    The truth is that the gas wells are good for the economy. Yes, they do have their downsides, but the positive, long-lasting effects, outweigh the negatives.

    Please reply,

  18. CHS Environmental Employees Cassie. I am not a huge fan of gas wells. There are many positive and negative impacts that gas wells cause. Some positives are the numerous jobs that are created just by inquiring to put a well in an area. Also it creates another money supply for the economy, and another source of energy. However wells do affect the environment. If gas wells are put in correcting and ran the most efficient way there could be many problems with water, air, and land all around. I also can not stand the gas well traffic. There are some people who do follow the law and don’t speed but there are also very many that do not follow the law. There have been numerous occasions where my mother and I have been driving to the store or an appointment, and there are gas trucks either following super close or pass us at the wrong times when we are going the correct speed limit. Another negative is the way the traffic is affecting the roads. Many of the roads to get to a gas well especially in Grover Pa are very bad. The roads are cracking, when there is snow they aren’t plowed very well so they are very slippy, and the mud is hard to get through when it’s on the roads. Some of the money that we are getting from the wells should go into fixing roads.

  19. CHS Business Department

    Alright, this is how it’s going down. I don’t care for gas drilling. It pollutes the water system and it effects the turtles breeding process.

  20. Hi. My name is teacherhojo…..I have been involved with the gas development in a variety of ways that has allowed me to see the good and bad. Being on our local borough council and a member of the church where we hold our borough meetings, I was able to experience water issues first hand. The church and neighboring houses had methane in the water issues. Theese places were just a little too far from the wells being drilled at that time to require pretesting of the water. Therefore, when the issues about the methane in the water came to light, there were no water tests that were done prior to the drilling. The drilling was only occurring at that time and no fracking occurred yet. The gas company assisted in the testing to great distances and alleviating the gas issues in the water. There are those who were affected who clearly stated that methane was present in the water for as long as they lived there, long before gas well drilling. In any case, in the end, the water was usable for all in the community and the gas wells were completed and are producing at this time.

    My classes have been fortunate enough to get to work with many in the industry, through class visits and projects. This is good in that they have a lot of first hand experiences with what they see and information that is tied with what they see. They then make their choice as to how they feel about drilling with many facts and much knowledge. Regardless of what one thinks about gas well drilling, it has tremendously impacted our economy. The land owners that receive royalties pump a lot of new money into the economy. Many jobs came to our area and many will remain for years to come just due to the production part. There is a lot of infrastructure involved with keeping the gas flowing even years after the drilling. Yes, there were some small instances that went wrong, but sad to say, even those instances brings jobs to the local economy. Especially with the level of clean up that is required when things go wrong.

  21. This is Tierney and Natalie from Anglers United and we still stand on the fact that drilling is not necessary. Fracking pollutes the area in many ways causing fish and other species to die. We don’t think it’s worth it to destroy such a beautiful part of the earth just to get natural gas. More jobs should be created for finding efficient ways to get energy. Don’t forget that taking over the area with drilling takes away the jobs of fishermen and boaters.Overall everyone in the area would be negatively effected. If we don’t take care of our surrounding environment now then there will be no wildlife to use and appreciate.

  22. I’m Viola from DEP employee. No my personal opinion on natural gas drilling has not changed. I have always thought that the drilling is unsafe and should not continue until there is enough technology to ensure that spillage/leakage at well sites are less of a byproduct to live with and more of extreme rarity. There seems to have been very little safety testing on fracking, and very little number of laws out there to make the gas companies responsible for their actions and therefore hopefully motivating them to produce safer alternatives to fracking. It seems as if the gas companies receive very little repercussions for degrading the environment. Therefore I believe that we need to stop granting permits for more natural gas drilling until more research is done.

  23. I’m Rowan, I played the role as John Smith in the local business forum. I beleive that the fracking should be carried out within Nothern Pennslyvania because of the benefit the drilling brings to the local economy. Although, the environmental implications are damaging, the governemnt should tax the companies instead of the people. This is because the fracking companies are rarely regulated by the government standards and a large amount of revenue could be gained by the government form taxing. Overall, I think the people need to review the benefit of over 5000 jobs being added to the area and the addition of a trillion dollars of energy added to the economy.

  24. Hi. My name is Becca from CHS Local Business. My opinion about gas drilling is mixed feelings. I am for and against. I am for gas well drilling because I feel that it helps people with jobs and gives people money when they drill on their land. But I am against drilling because they ruin our roads, and drive their loud trucks at 2 o’clock in the morning when people are sleeping. It also pollutes water such as drinking water. Sometimes people have to evacuate their houses and go someplace else when they are out of their element. I am also against drilling because once they leave there is going to be a lot of people without jobs and not knowing what to do.

  25. Hello, my name is Andrew from Cobalt Gas Industry. Roles aside, I am in full support of marcellus shale drilling. The shale drilling is a positive step torwards a clean and local energy source, rather than importing all of our fuels that produce a large amount of greenhouse gases. As more technologies become available for use, the process of extracting the natural gas can be mastered. The mastering of such techniques will ultimitely lead to a higher efficiency, which leaves little room for errors that could cause environmental problems. Also, the government could put a tax on natural gas drilling that simply covers the cost of environmental inspections. With a compromise from both the government, and gas companies, marcellus shale drilling would have an extremely positive impact on the economy.

  26. I’m Hanna and I was the Cobalt Gas Company. Contrary to my role, I disagree with the current procedure of drilling/fracking. I understand the input of jobs and the stimulus of the economy, but a profitable company that sells illegal drugs could increase the revenue and jobs in a community as well. This does not mean that numerous individuals should begin illegally selling drugs. If drilling was changed and regulated to benefit the environment instead of the “gold rush” mentality, my point of view could change. As I illustrated in my role, waterless fracking would definitely be a beneficial change to drilling. Since High-volume hydraulic fracturing of a single well can take two to five million gallons of water, the benefit of waterless fracking would be immense. 16,000 new wells were fracked in 2011. The pace of building new wells is resulting in sloppy production. Wells are leaking and resulting in catastrophic environmental damages. I know natural gas is currently a necessity to most individuals and illustrated as a “clean” fuel. I just believe that the definition of “clean” needs to be revisited and readjusted to sustain a healthy environment.

  27. The username I used was Abigail Davies. My first name is Nathalie.
    I don’t believe that the drilling should be done in the Marcellus Shale. This is because there are not enough regulations for the companies and therefore the drilling practices are not as safe as they need to be. Families near drilling sites are constantly having to deal with their drinking water being polluted by harmful chemicals used while fracking. People shouldn’t have to worry about such risks, and they certainly shouldn’t be forced to buy pre-packaged water bottles from stores just to insure their families health and safety. Also, drilling has serious harmful effects on the environment. The scattered drilling pads throughout just Pennsylvania alone takes up about 38,000 to 90,000 acres of forest. This destroys animal’s habitats and puts them at greater risks for death or extinction. Perhaps if the drilling companies were more responsible, I would be able to accept fracking in smaller amounts. As of right now, however, I don’t believe the immediate benefits will exceed the future costs on both people and the environment.

  28. My name is Christian and I used the username Ezra Delmar. I believe that, under certain, strict regulations, drilling on Marcellus Shale could be beneficial. My research has led me to understand that fracking in itself is not harmful, it is the failures of the businesses. Many of these companies demonstrate largescale disregard for the health of the environment, which is clearly problematic. If drilling sites were to be inspected and taxes levied on the oil companies to ensure that they were carrying out drilling in an environmentally friendly way, drilling for natural gas would be much safer than it currently is. Furthermore, the economic benefits of drilling for natural gas are tremendous and could spark massive growth. This growth could stimulate an otherwise stagnant economy, allowing people in the area to live without the fear of poverty looming over them.

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